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Journal Therapy
How to Write Your Autobiography
Oral History

« Readers » (manuels anthologiques)

Analyses des problèmes de l'autobiographie,
extraits-modèles, consignes d'écriture

1973 Roger J. PORTER et H. R. WOLF, The Voice Within. Reading and Writing Autobiography, New York, Alfred A. Knopf, XIII-305 p.

1977 Robert LYONS, Autobiography. A Reader for Writers, New York, Oxford University Press, XI-404 p.


Pédagogie de et par l'autobiographie

1997 Sidney BUTLER and Roy BENTLEY, Lifewriting. Learning through Personal Narrative, Pippin Publishind Company (85 Ellesmerer Road, Suite 232, Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 4B9, Canada), 124 p.

2009 Dannelle D. STEVENS and Joanne E. COOPER, Journal Keeping : How to Use Reflective Writing for Learning, Teaching, Profesional Insight, and Positive Change, Sterling, VA, Stylus, 2009, 266 p.

« Journal Therapy »

Souvent d'inspiration junguienne et/ou religieuse,
dans la mouvance des ateliers d'Ira Progoff

1975 Ira PROGOFF, At a Journal Workshop. The Basic Text and Guide for Using the Intensive Journal, New York, Dialogue House Library, 320 p. [a été traduit en français].

1977 Christina BALDWIN, One to One. Self-Understanding through Journal Writing, New York, M. Evans and Company, XVI-186 p.

1978 George F. SIMONS, Keeping Your Personal Journal, New York, Paulist Press, 144 p.

1980 Tristine RAINER, The New Diary. How to Use a Journal for Self-Guidance and Expanded Creativity, Preface by Anaïs Nin, North Ryde, NSW, Australia, and London, Angus & Robertson, 323 p. Publié ensuite aux U.S.A. par Jeremy P. Tarchner, Inc., Los Angeles.

1985 Lucia CAPACCHIONE, The Creative Journal. The Art of Finding Yourself, Athens, Swallow Press/Ohio University Press, 180 p., ill. (avec dessins de l'auteur).

1990 Kathleen ADAMS, Journal to the Self. Twenty-two Paths to Personal Growth, New York, Warner Books, XV-240 p.

1990 Christopher BIFFLE, The Castle of the Pearl, Revised Edition, New York, Harper & Row, 180 p. (« As your write in this book, adventure and self-discovery will be your reward »).

1990 Kay Leigh HAGAN, Internal Affairs. A Journalkeeping Workbook for Self-Intimacy, San Francisco, Harper & Row, IX-124 p.

1991 Hannah HINCHMAN, A Life in Hand. Creating the Illuminated Journal, Salt Lake City, Utah, Peregrine Smith Books, 160 p., illustrations, dans un coffret avec un livre blanc (Comment tenir un journal illustré, texte et dessins, d'après l'exemple de l'auteur).

1992 Deena METZGER, Writing for Your Life. A Guide and Companion to the Inner Worlds, HarperSanFrancisco, VIII-261 p.

1998 Phil RICH et Stuart A. COPANS, The Healing Journey, Your Journal of Self-Discovery, New York, John Wiley & Sons, 1998, XII-186 p.

2004 G. Lynn NELSON, Writing and Being. Embracing Your Life through Creative Journaling, Maui, Hawai'i, San Francisco, California, Inner Ocean Publishing, XVIII-182 p.

« How to write your autobiography »

Guides s'adressant le plus souvent aux personnes âgées

1976 J. Malan HESLOP et Dell VAN ORDEN, How to Write Your Personal History, Salt Lake City, Utah, Bookcraft, 56 p.

1977 Patricia Ann CASE, How to Write Your Autobiography. Preserving Your Family Heritage, Santa Barbara, California, Woodbridge Press, 112 p.

1977 Janice T. DIXON and Dora D. FLACK, Preserving Your Past. A Painless Guide to Writing Your Autobiography and Family History, New York, Doubleday, 334 p.

1979 Katie Funk WIEBE, Good Times with Old Times. How to Write Your Memoirs, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, Herald Press, 1979, 176 p.

1980 Lois DANIEL, How to Write Your Own Life Story. A Step by Step Guide for the Non-Professional Writer, Chicago, Chicago Review Press, 172 p.

1984 Frank P. THOMAS, How to Write the Story of Your Life. A Friendly, Step-by-step Guide, Complete with : 500 memory sparkers to help uncover forgotten events ; 12 « Writing Bite » chapters to guide you in recording each stage of your life ; 100 topic ideas for adding variety to your story, Cincinatti, Ohio, Writer's Digest Books, 230 p.

1984 Earlynne WEBBER, Your Life Story. How to Write, Print, Publish and Sell It Yourself, Las Vegas, Nevada, Echo Publishing Company, 154 p.

1989 Mary Jane MOFFAT, The Times of Our Lives. A Guide to Writing Autobiography and Memoir, Santa Barbara, California, John Daniel and Company, 65 p. (1ère éd. en 1985 par Ponce Press).

1989 Christopher BIFFLE, A Journey Through Your Childhood. A Write-in Guide for Reliving Your Past, Clarifying Your Present, and Charting Your Future, Los Angeles, Jeremy P. Tarcher, 159 p.

1994 Patty MILLER, Writing Your Life. A Journey of Discovery, St Leonard, NSW 2065 Australia, Allen & Unwin, X-198 p.

1994  Ken MOON, Write Your Life. A Guide to Autobiography, North Brighton, Victoria 3186 Australia, Wrightbooks, IV-163 p.

1995 Kirk POLKING, Writing Family Histories and Memoirs, Cincinatti, Ohio, Betterway Books, 250 p.

1995 Nancy SMITH, Write Your Life Stories. A Guide to Writing Your Autobiography and Tips on How to Get Published, New York, Carol Publishing Group, 170 p.

1996   Lou Willett STANEK, Writing Your Life. Putting Your Past on Paper, Avon Books, 1996, seconde édition, Quill, 2002, 180 p.

1997 Judith BARRINGTON, Writing the Memoir. A practical guide to the craft, the personal challenges, and ethical dilemms of writing your true stories, Portland, Oregon, The Eight Mountain Press, 189 p.

1997 Tristine RAINER, Your Life as Story. Writing the New Autobiography, New York, G. P. Putman’s Sons, XII-353 p.

1998, Jo STANLEY, Writing out Your Life, A Guide to Writing Creative Autobiography, London, Scarlett Press, XIV-306 p.

1999 Michael LEGAT, Writing Your Life Story, London, Robert Hale, 143 p.

2001 Alexandra JOHNSON, Leaving a trace. On keeping a Journal. The Art of Transforming a Life into Stories, Boston, New York, London, Little, Brown and Company, 242 p.

2009 Sarah HASLAM and Derek NEALE, Life-writing, London and New York, Routledge, 2009, 189 p.

2010 Cherry GILCHRIST, Your Life, Your Story. Writing your Life-Story for Family ans Friends, London, Piatkus, 2010, 208 p.

 Pour une liste plus complète, centrée sur les "memoirs", voir

Oral History

1979 William ZIMMERMAN, How to tape Instant Oral Biographies. Simple step by step directions show you how to TAPERECORD, VIDEOTAPE, FILM Your Life Stories, New York, Guarionex Press, IX-100 p.

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